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This new Alumni page was created as a group project by members of the 2005 second trimester Webpage Design Class. Unlike the old site, this one uses PHP and a MySQL database, which allows content to be displayed dynamically. The old site, which used nothing but HTML, required extensive work to update alumni. With this new site, updating will be much easier.

The Old Alumni Site:
The old site, which is no longer updated, can still be accessed here: http://www.lssc.k12.in.us/oldALUMNIiframe.htm

There were approximately 869 names on the old page that had to be copied over to this one.
The last name in the conversion was added on 7:47 PM January 10, 2006.
The last person added as part of the conversion was Stacy Tuttle Murphy.
The last name was added 2 months and 1 day after the first piece of code was written for this.

Charles Garwood: Coding and copying information.
Cameron Rhoten: Helped copy information. Helped with ideas and administration.
Brandon Vaughn: Helped copy information to new system.
Riley Beach: Helped copy information to new system.
Nik Hansel: Helped copy information to new system.

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