Linton-Stockton Elementary School Home
Good morning! Today is Friday, December 19, 2014. Happy birthday today to Kaden Beck, Katelyn Harden, and Robert Riggins. We also would like to wish the following staff and students a happy birthday who will have a birthday over winter break: Lucas Oakley, Abygail Gayheart, Aliyah Thuis, Jared Sprang, Justin Sprang, Dresden Kenworthy, Madison Mason, Edargo Caceres Oliver, Hunter Roberts, Brett Anderson, Slevyn Workman, Brayden Mills, MaKayla Reynolds, Abigail Shreve, Cheyenne Prescott, Noland Terrell, Blane Kirkman, Paul Nichols, Tommy Thompson, Sophia Franklin, Jamison Fields, Brandon Tennant, Zayden Barnes, Cathleen Gretlein, Merissa Keown, Jayden Kopp, Kylie Reese, Brayson Piatt, Noah Shields, Kloey Strahle, Peyton Jerrell, Mrs. Linda Conklin, Mrs. Lisa Booher, Miss Lindsey Jones, and Mrs. Angie Tennant. Attention Students: Items in the lost and found will be cleared out over winter break. There are still many items that need to be claimed. Today is your last chance to see if any of the items are yours! Todays Lunch: Coney Dog Peanut Butter Sandwich Animal Crackers French Fries Carrots Vanilla Pudding Banana Milk And as always: Do the right thing and treat people right! !