Linton-Stockton Elementary School Home

Daily Schedule

Students may start entering classrooms and begin getting ready for class at 7:55 AM.  Students who arrive before 7:55AM need to report to the cafeteria and will be dismissed from there.  If your child is interested in eating breakfast at school, breakfast will be served from 7:40 AM to 8:00 AM.

Our morning announcements will begin at 8:05 AM and finish at 8:10 AM.  This is a great time for students to become informed about the week’s activities.
Students who do not  make it to their classroom by 8:05 AM will be counted tardy.

Please make every effort to get students to their classrooms on time.  It is very important for students to get their day started off on the right track.

Dismissal time will be at 2:52 PM and the buses will leave the elementary at 2:59 PM