Maple Street



    People just walk by as the small, frail child walks near the busy street.  His once chalky white face turned to a rosy red from crying.  He whimpers as more tears stain his face.  He mumbles quietly to himself to figure out where he is.  He took the wrong street as he was walking home from the store, all alone.  He accidentally took a somber, dark alley and was scared tremendously.  He grumbled to the passers-by for help finding Maple Street.  They impatiently ignored him as if he were not even there.

    The young boy had torn his lemon yellow raincoat and royal blue jeans several times as he tried to push through the irritable people scurrying to their homes after a continuously long, hot day of work.  The boy stumbled from street to street, as his face gets brighter from the massive amount of tears.  His bright blonde hair glistened with sweat from the extreme heat.  His big blue eyes once surrounded by a sea of milky white, was rimmed with redness.  His once white shoes were a sooty gray because of the dirt and dust on the street. 

    The young boy looked around frantically at the extremely tall buildings.  The taste of the musky, polluted air filled his mouth.  The smell of the sweaty pedestrians filled his nostrils.  The little bit of sunlight left in the sky cast an eerie shadow across the active streets.  As he zigzagged from street to street, he captured a glimpse of a frightening figure.  It was a tall, lanky shadow against the brick wall.  With a deep, scratchy voice he told the upset boy hello.  He heard the child's cries for help, and saw the antsy pedestrians of the street stroll by as if the child was not there.

    The man stepped from the shadows slowly, and his long, narrow legs inched towards the young boy.  His scrawny torso, too short for his body, led into a thin neck.  His surprisingly plump face held a small mouth with perfectly strait teeth.  His long nose separated two round, dark mysterious eyes.  His eyes were such a dark grey, they looked almost black.  His oval head was topped with short, stringy jet black hair.  His hair was spiked straight up and looked like a porcupines back.  This lanky man wore a white two-piece suit covering a baby blue button down shirt, an olive green tie, and entirely white tennis shoes.  He smelled of excessive amounts of cheap cologne.

    The man from the shadows patiently asked where the boy was going, and touched his rough, tattered jacket as if to calm him.  The boy squeaked that he was lost, in between nearly hyperventilating breaths.  His rosy red face by that time looked like it was on fire, with thin little trails of water running down them.  When the boy looked the man up and down, he realized how peculiar the man seemed.  The man saw the apprehension in the child's eyes, and tried to calm him.  The man asked the child repeatedly where he needed to go until the boy quietly whimpered "Maple Street."  The man became confused when the pedestrians looked at him as if he were insane.  The man decided to take the child towards his desired destination.  As he tried to keep the child calm, he noticed mores curious stares from the passers-by. 

    Finally, they noticed a street sign that said Maple Street on it.  The boy's face lit up.  They walked toward the street together.  The man stopped at the street light pole, and watched the boy walk excitedly down the street.  The man then looked up at eh paper that was stapled to the pole.  It said, "Please help us find information on the death of our young son.  He had bright blonde hair, and big blue eyes.  If you saw him on or around August 2, 2006, let us know.  In complete amazement, the man looked up to see that the child was gone. 


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