About the Time Periods


Sixteenth Century:

    The sixteenth century was the period of the Renaissance.  Most of the painting took place in Italy, Europe, and Spain.  This was the transition of the Middle Ages to the more Modern Times.  A great intellectual awakening was taking place.  It began in Italy and spread throughout the area.

Seventeenth Century:

    This period of time began an intense excitement in all areas of a persons life.  These areas include religion, science, politics, and culture.  This excitement brought forth the desire to paint what they saw happening around them.

Eighteenth Century:

    Two specific types of art was prominent in the eighteenth century.  These types of art were Rococo and Neoclassicism.  Each was developed through the influence of earlier types of art.  The Rococo style is described as "an aristocratic preoccupation with leisure and frivolity."  Neoclassicism is said to be "stern, somber, and spartan."

Japanese Art:

    This period of time was called the Edo, or Tokugawa, after the late ruler.  It was said to have brought peace to the time.  They were shut away from the outside world.  So, from here, they began to do real life pictures of people.