Art Throughout the Centuries


This painting was done by Agnolo Bronzino during the sixteenth century.  The "sitter" is probably a writer, considering that he is holding a book in his hand proudly.  His expression also gives a sense of being wealthy.  He is probably of a higher class.  Bronzino is said to have had many literary friends, and the sitter is thought to be one of them.  The bold expression of the mans face is very well detailed.  Even his clothes are well defined.

This painting is a self portrait done by Thomas Smith during the seventeenth century.  Smith is holding a skull under his right hand, and has a very solemn look on his face.  If you look over his right shoulder you can see what appears to be a window.  There are people and smoke outside the window.  This is probably what the skull is representing, death being around him.  The detailed wrinkles, and different colors of his hair make the detail even greater.

This painting was done by Jan Vermeer around the year 1657.  I believe that Vermeer depicted the seventeenth century women well.  In that period of time women were not allowed to work outside of the house.  They were forced to stay home all day, and cook and clean until the man of the house returned of an evening.  The woman being asleep shows that she was probably working hard all day, and needed a rest.

This painting is entitled "Peasants by the Fire."  It is a work of art by Pieter Aertsen done during the sixteenth century.  You can tell that the people in the picture are peasants by the unruly and dirty area they are in.  Peasants were not allowed to board with those of higher classes, they were almost thought of as another race completely.

This is a very popular Japanese painting that was done in the eighteenth century.  It is called "Goblin Playing the Shamisen."  The drunken, red faced goblin was painted to represent evil.  The details of the goblin are well put in.  An onlooker can see the expression of the evil goblin.

This sculpture was done by the ancient Olmecs.  It was created around 900300 B.C.  This sculpture well represents a jaguars head.  It shows the small lines and groves of its nose, and closed eyes.  Considering this sculpture is so antique, it is well done.

This painting is of the silhouettes of secret lovers.  It is called "Gone, An Historical Romance of Civil War As it Occurred Between the Dusky Thighs of Young Negress and Her Heart."  It was done by Kara Walker during the twenty-first century.  Although it is only their silhouettes, it still shows the definite lines of the face, and figure of the characters.

This painting was done by Egon Schiele in the year 1917.  It is entitled "Sitting Woman with Legs Drawn Up."  It is a very simple painting, but with great detail.  You can see the expression on her face, and why she seems to have her legs drawn up.  She looks to be in despair.

This painting was done between 1627-30.  It was painted by Valentin De Boulogne, and he titled it "The Four Generations of Man."  It illustrates the four generations of a family of men.  The different styles, and how they were entertained is shown here also.

This painting was done by Gustave Courbet in the year 1869.  This painting is of a stormy sea.  It has great detail of the waves, and the boats that are nearby.  Each cloud is defined alone, not drawn together.


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