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Mice and Men page

Scoring Guide                                                                                                                                                                        Point Value

a picture of John Steinbeck


a paragraph about the life of Steinbeck 3
a paragraph explaining why California was flooded with migrant workers in the 1930's 3
pictures of the dispossessed (3 or more) 3
a song reflecting the migrant experience (music). 3
a link to your Of Mice and Men page 2
a first page about you saved as "index" (link to Steinbeck page from here) 2
a folder called "webpage" 2

 Remember; links and folders are case sensitive.                                                                                                                       20 pts.

The 1930's Decade

 Fads & Fashion
 Art & Architecture
 Radio & Film
 Government & Politics
 Prices: Then & Now

Now that you are understanding the decade better, it is time for you to learn more about The Depression. Search through the web sites that follow to learn about The Great Despression, The Dust Bowl, and migrant workers. 

The Great Depression

The Migrant Experience
 Photo History: Arkansas, 1935
 Photo History: Omaha, 1938
 Photo History: Migrant Workers, 1937
 Photo History: New York City, 1938
 Photo History: Tenant Farmers, 1937
 Dust Bowl Memories
 The Dust Bowl
  The Great Depression: History Links
 1930's Timeline
 Surviving the Dust Bowl
 The Great Depression: Cause & Effect

Migrant Music