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Transcripts for students in the Class of 2001 and before cannot be sent through Parchment because course histories for these graduates are not stored in Harmony. If you are an LHS graduate from the year 2001 or before, please contact the Guidance Office (812-847-6024, Extension 402) to request a copy of your transcript. A charge of $2.00 will apply and you will be asked to verify your identity by bringing in or faxing a copy of valid photo identification.

Instructions on Parchment transcript requests

Master Schedule 2012-2013


None at this time.

New Academic Honors Requirements Beginning with the Class of 2010

Academic Honors Diploma Requirements

For Students Entering High School after the Fall of 2006

In addition to the usual requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma which have been in place since 1986, students must meet one additional requirement if they entered high school after the fall of 2006.

          Students must complete one (1) of the following three additional criteria:

  • ·       Receive a score of at least 1200 combined on the critical reading and math sections only of the SAT. Writing scores are not included.
  • ·       Receive a composite score of at least 26 on the ACT.
  • ·       Receive 6 credits of college credit through a dual credit program
  • ·       Take 2 – AP Courses
  • ·       Take 1 – AP Course and earn 3 credits of college credit through a dual credit program


SAT/ACT Requirement

All college bound students should take the SAT or ACT no later than January of their junior year in high school. If the student should meet the score requirement on either test, the requirement for the AHD is satisfied and no dual credit is necessary. Of course, students may take either test as often as they like. The best scores are always used by colleges and universities. But hoping to use the college entrance exam score as the requirement for the AHD is like playing Russian roulette; it may or may not happen before graduation.


Dual Credit Requirement

Credits received through our Project Lead the Way Program will satisfy the dual credit requirements for the Academic Honors Diploma and several of the Twin Rivers Vocational Programs.

Students who want to meet the Academic Honors Diploma requirement with dual credit courses must submit an official transcript from the college where the credits were earned no later than May 15th of the graduation year.

I will be more than happy to discuss the details of the changes in the Academic Honors Diploma and how those changes affect you. More than likely, you and your parents have questions; that is why I’m here – to help you find the best answers to those questions.

Attention!!!! Current seniors who plan to attend VU must take the VU placement test (Accuplacer) before registration. That test is available online in the guidance office. Please see Mrs. Daluga-Guenther to set up an appointment to take the test. It takes about an hour+ to complete.

College Admissions and Placement Tests

The SAT and ACT are tests that most colleges and universities use as one part of the process in making admissions and scholarship decisions. Typically, schools also look at GPA, class rank, letters of recommendation (when required) and essays or personal statements (when required).

Most universities will accept scores from either test. The tests are administered by two different companies and there are some fundamental differences between them. See the downloadable document below (“SAT vs ACT”) for a brief overview of these differences.

“SAT vs ACT”

Students who qualify for free or reduced lunch and 21st Century Scholars are allotted up to two fee waivers per test. These waivers can be used to register online or by mail. Please see Mrs. Daluga-Guenther to request a fee waiver for either test.
SAT Information

Linton-Stockton High School will be a site for the SAT this year. All dates on which students can take the test at LSHS are listed in bold below, along with registration deadlines for each test date. Registration after the deadlines will result in a late fee charged by the College Board.

October 6, 2012                     September 7, 2012                             September 21, 2012
November 3, 2012                 October 4, 2012                                 October 19, 2012
December 1, 2012                  November 6, 2012                             November 16, 2012
January 26, 2013                     December 28, 2012                             January 11, 2013
March 9, 2013                        February 8, 2013                               February 22, 2013
May 4, 2013                           April 5, 2013                                      April 19, 2013
June 1, 2013                           May 2, 2013                                       May 17, 2013


Linton-Stockton CEEB Code: 152085
Linton-Stockton Testing Center Code: 15-508

LSHS is not a site for the January 26, 2013 test date, but students can take it at White River Valley High School. The registration deadline is December 28, 2012.

Starting with the March 9, 2013 test date, students MUST upload an acceptable photo to their registration. This photo will be displayed on their admissions ticket. It is advisable, but not required, for students to upload a photo when they register for all prior test dates as well.

The easiest way to register is online. Visit the College Board’s website at the following URL for registration information, deadlines, and other important details about the SAT. The website also contains practice questions accessible for free as well as tips and tricks for being successful on the SAT. Registration information, test date lists, and prep packets are also available in the Counseling Office.
ACT Information

Linton-Stockton High School is not a site for the ACT. However, a number of locations within a reasonable drive from Linton offer the test. The closest locations are Indiana State University and Indiana University Bloomington.

To search for ACT test centers in Indiana, visit the following website:
For test date and registration deadline information, go to:

For additional information about the ACT test, go to:



College Representatives Visit LSHS

The following college representatives have made appointments to talk to Linton-Stockton High School students who might be interested in attending their institutions:

None at this time.

You must see Mrs. Daluga-Guenther at least the day before the visit to make arrangements to see the representative.


Campus Visitation Days

This is the procedure for students who wish to visit a college campus.

  1. The student must prearrange the visit at least one week in advance with Mrs. Daluga-Guenther.
  1. The student must be admissible to the college or university in question. (Rose Hulman does not have an auto mechanics program, and one doesn’t study nuclear physics at Ivy Tech.)
  1. When the student returns, he/she must present a return slip on the visited school’s letterhead to Mrs. Firestone.  Otherwise, the absence shall be considered truancy.
  1. Mrs. Daluga-Guenther determines the length of the visit. In other words it does not take a whole day to visit Indiana State, Ivy Tech, VU, or Indiana. 
  1. Mrs. Daluga-Guenther will periodically make spot checks to make sure the student did, in fact, visit the college or university.

6. Juniors and seniors get one college day per trimester which do NOT count against attendance at all; however, if you wish to take another day, you may, but 
it WILL  count against you on the attendance policy even though it is excused.  Colleges try to have special visitation days set up when we are not in school. Those are really the best time to visit a college since the colleges are set up at that time to provide the best information.

Campus visitation days are not a given. They are not an excuse to party with old friends, girl friends, current friends or go deer hunting.  Just roaming around the campus is not a visit. Although some students do it everyday, and their parents pay for it.