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Aaron Davis

The original plans were to erect signs in honor of Bloomfield’s 175th anniversary in 1999.  The town planned to place four welcome signs at each main entrance to the city, but only one sign was actually completed in October 1997.  The sign is located on the south side of State Road 54 at the edge of the city park.

The sign was a project undertaken by the Bloomfield Jaycees with David Grounds, president of the Jaycees at that time.  The design plan for the sign was to have a new slogan for Bloomfield, and it would be constructed of red brick and concrete.

The sign is made of brick since Bloomfield had a large brick factory many years ago, and the brick symbolizes its history. The estimated cost of the sign was $900.  Today, there is still only one welcome sign completed with the slogan “Home of the Apple Festival.”

Bloomfield Sign



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