Linton-Stockton High School Home


Logan Simmons

The log cabin, which is 25 by 15 feet, is located on the playground in the woods at Linton-Stockton Elementary School.  The log cabin was originally owned by Chip and Pam Sweet of Jasonville, Indiana.

In 2002 the Sweets donated the cabin to the school when they built a new house.  Their old house had been constructed around the log cabin.  Within the walls of their bedroom was the log cabin, protected from the weather and in excellent condition.  They did not want to destroy the log cabin as the logs were made from trees on the Sweet property.  They asked the school if they would be interested in the structure.

The cabin was disassembled, moved to Linton, and then placed on a new foundation.  Money raised by the Parent-Teachers Organization through fundraisers was used for materials, such as flooring, roofing, fireplace, and porch.  After the cabin was reconstructed, the first tours for elementary students were held in April 2003.

Log Cabin at the Elementary



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