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Amanda Sparks

The Greene County 4-H fairs have been held in Greene County since 1938. They were first held in Linton at the city park. The fairs were moved from the park in 1971 because of the problem with flies. The livestock barns were located near the city pool. As a result of the combination of weather and animals, the smell and flies made their way to the pool. This was annoying to the people trying to swim and relax at the pool.

The land for the new fairgrounds was purchased from Bill and Martha Crites in 1966. The fairgrounds are now located on State Highway 54, just east of Switz City. People from the surrounding areas in the county cleared the land of trees and brush so the barns and other buildings could be built. The barns were constructed in 1969-1970, by the Horse and Pony Club for horse and pony shows. Actually three horse and pony shows were held at the grounds before the county fairs were moved to the new location. The arena was started as soon as the land was purchased.

The extension office building was built in 1978, and the staff moved in August 1978. Their offices were originally housed in the basement of the Bloomfield Post Office. In 1979-1980 the commercial building was built and furnished by Farm Bureau.

Behind the office area is a huge room that is used for exhibits during fair week. If this facility is not in use, it may be rented for special events. To rent the building a person needs to call the extension office and make arrangements.

The extension office along with the Fair Board governs the 4-H fairs and the grounds. This office has the responsibility of overseeing the daily operations of the facilities. The employees work with the farmers to give them ideas for new ways of planting and farming in general. Meetings are held for farmers or anyone that would like to attend them.

During the summer of 1997, the Fair Board purchased new bleachers for the fairgrounds from the Bloomington North High School. Prisoners who were on the work program assembled the bleachers before the Greene County 4-H Fair in July.

[Written May 1998]



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