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Sarah Morrison

The Freeman City Hospital, established in June 1912, was located at Fourth and Northeast A Streets in Linton, Indiana. Job Freeman, a successful developer of the coal industry in this area, and his wife deeded their spacious home to be used for the first public general hospital in Linton. The hospital was a Victorian-styled structure, constructed of limestone. The hospital was a two-story building with a veranda-styled front porch.

On February 7, 1928, the Common Council of the City of Linton adopted an Ordinance, together with the corresponding action by the Greene County Board of Commissioners, that provided for the transfer of the Freeman City Hospital to Greene County for the establishment of Freeman-Greene County Hospital.

The first recorded minutes of the hospital, dated on April 3, 1929, reported the formal transfer of the hospital. The minutes also indicated 29 patients (17 self-pay and 12 township pay) were cared for in the month of March. Collections were made of $1149.98--designated as $784.98 regular and $401.00 county. One birth and 3 deaths were reported.

The first major expansion was the annex completed in 1938, which included kitchen/cafeteria facilities, heating plant, and 32 beds. The second project was completed in 1954, which included the addition of the surgical room, delivery room, X-ray department, clinical laboratory, emergency department, and 16 beds. At that time, 130 employees were working at the hospital.

During World War II the hospital had black-out drills, using special black-out curtains. In addition, the hospital was equipped with special surgery lights to be used during a black out. Since Linton was located a few miles from the Naval Ammunition Depot in Crane, the threat of being bombed was taken seriously.

Construction on the new hospital was started December 10, 1970, and completed in 1972. It is located at the intersection of Lone Tree Road and Highway 54, two miles east of Linton. The three-story brick and limestone building has a capacity for 76 patients. The new hospital includes an intensive care unit for coronary patients and post-surgical patients, in addition to X-ray, laboratory, and therapy facilities.

The old hospital was torn down on September 25, 1985, by the Kanese Excavating Demolition Company from Jasper. A newly-built Wendy’s restaurant opened at this location on March 10, 1986.

[Written May 1997]


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