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Ashton Alsman

Many people are curious about the truck that Graves Plumbing uses as a sign.  This truck is located at the family-owned business in Switz City, Indiana, on Highway 54.  The vehicle was owned by Norbert Graves, the founder of Graves Plumbing.  Graves started the business in 1964, providing home repairs to the Linton area.

Graves Plumbing moved its company from South Main Street in Linton to its current 12-acre location in Switz City in 1985.  At that time the company also decided to focus on developing a commercial service and installation business.

By 1995 the commercial business was very successful, but the company saw a need for a home service and installation division.  They now offer a complete line of home repair and installation services for residential customers.

In 2003 the business had 22 full-time employees, 18 trucks, and 12,000 square feet of warehouse and office space, providing service from Lafayette to Evansville to Louisville and everywhere in between.  In 2006 the company decided to diversify its business by building and renting storage units at its Switz City location.

Norbert Graves was the first member of the family to be in the plumbing profession.  After he died, the family took his truck and restored it to all of its former glory.  They wanted it to be used as advertisement and out of respect.

The unique Graves Plumbing sign received a lot of attention when it first appeared atop the original sign in front of the building.  When the business first decided to use the truck as its official sign, Rick Graves, co-owner, decided to keep the lights on, or blinking, throughout the night to draw attention to the business—which it did.  The truck is still able to attraction its share of attention today.

Truck Sign


Personal interview with Rick Graves on April 26, 2007, in Switz City, Indiana.

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