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Ryan Brown

The city of Linton has gone through some changes in the past year including the new Linton Police Station.  The Police Station was at its original location from 1912 until 2006.  The police department and fire department were housed in the old city hall building on Northwest A Street until each department was moved into separate buildings.

With a building being shared and space was extremely limited, the city officials decided it was time to upgrade to separate buildings.  The city purchased the building owned by Ross’s Floor Store at 190 Northwest A Street.  This building had recently been built after a fire destroyed the original carpet store.  The concrete block building was renovated and converted into a police station in less than a year.

Moving the station from its old location to the new one was the major task that the officers and the city faced, but thanks to the local sheriff’s department the move went smoothly.  As Linton moved its dispatch station, all 911 emergency calls were re-routed through to the Greene County Sheriff’s Department.
The new station provides easier access and more space for the Linton police officers.  Also in January of 2007 the Linton Police Department received new vehicles to replace the outdated patrol car they did have.

Linton Police Station 2007



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Personal interview with Keith McDonald on April 5, 2007, in Linton, Indiana.

Personal interview with Heath Murray on April 5, 2007, in Linton, Indiana.