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Brock Borders

Camp Sassafras is the local Linton Boy Scout camp grounds. The campgrounds are only a short distance out of town on Boulton Road, east of Fairview Cemetery. The grounds were given to the scouts by Templeton Mining Company. In exchange for the grounds, the mining company asked that the Boy Scouts provide annually a pine tree, which the Boy Scouts had planted, for the local office of the mining company during the Christmas holiday.

The Boy Scouts soon adapted to their new "home". They have held many camp outs, field days, and even work days in the past years. The camp outs were always special occasions. Activities included target shooting, football, trail hiking, and sitting around talking to one another. In fact, the local troop held a regional camp out for surrounding area scout troops to participate. They even chartered a bus to take the various troops to a local Amax Mine to give the "big city" scouts an opportunity to see a working mine.

The field days were organized so that scouts could go to Sassafras to work on earning merit badges, such as gun safety, archery, compass, map reading, cooking over an open fire, and first aid. Occasionally, guest speakers talked to the scouts about their professions or hobbies.

General upkeep of the grounds is the responsibility of the scouts. At least once a year, they hold a work day to take care of fallen trees, clearing paths, and cleaning up vandalism. If they did not take the time to clean up the area, the ground would soon become run down and no one would want to use the facilities.


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