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The Theater

The National Thespian Society was started by Jamie Wright. She taught some Junior, and Senior English classes and public speaking (1954-1956). The speech class, also planned and produced a weekly taped radio program for WQTY. The public speaking class and their friends produced an evening of one act plays.  There were also Junior and Senior class plays.  Students could earn points by participating in the plays.  Each type of job represented a certain number of points and then those students who had earned the correct number were recognized at the honors program.  The International Thespian Society was revived during the time of the Spring Musicals, but was disbanded when leadership changed.

Jessie Irons sponsored Scitamard for several years in the 1960s and early 1970s. (Mrs. John (Jessie) Irons of Dugger, IN taught Latin, English and was a counselor. She retired in 1973 after 17 years at Linton. In 2000, she turned 90 years old. Interview—6/7/2000)  Sonna (Reintjes) Berghaier:, daughter of Clyde Reintjes began a four year career,  under Jessie Irons' leadership, as make-up artist and prompter in 1962--because she was too shy to act.   To raise money for their class projects, it became a tradition to have a Junior Class play and a Senior Class play. According to a play program brought in by Susie Brinson, on April 17, 1961 the Senior Play was Meet Me At the Prom directed by Jessie Irons.  Sometimes, the class plays were directed by the class sponsors.    One of the more successful ones was "Arsenic and Old Lace".