Linton-Stockton Junior High School Home
Friday, October 28, 2016 Linton Stockton Middle School 109 NE I ST Linton, IN 47441 Phone (812) 847-6022 Fax (812) 847-6032 BREAKFAST & LUNCH MENU: Monday Breakfast: Biscuit & Egg Lunch: Chicken Wrap OR Chicken Sandwich, Sweet Potatoes, Corn Salsa, Berries Tuesday Breakfast: Apple Bosco Sticks Lunch: Beefy Mac & Cheese OR Chicken Sandwich, Cucumber Slices, Sweet Potatoes, Mandarin Oranges Wednesday Breakfast: Cereal & Toast Lunch: Pancakes OR Chicken Sandwich, Sausage, Hash Brown, Tomatoes, Banana Thursday Breakfast: Oatmeal & Toast Lunch: Lasagna OR Chicken Sandwich, Breadstick, Salad, Corn Friday Breakfast: French Toast Lunch: Taco Salad OR Chicken Sandwich,Broccoli & Cheese, Refried Beans, Peaches Breakfast is served daily in the High School Auditeria 7:30am-8:00am ~Menu subject to change without notice due to product availability~ Red Ribbon Week & Football Sectional Spirit Week October 24-28: Friday- Miner Pride day (MS students are asked to wear their Red Ribbon Week t-shirt) Track Team This is the final days for the track team fundraiser. If you are still interested in making a purchase, contact Mr. Lynn at 812-847-6022 (ext. 325) or at The order will be submitted this weekend, so make sure to get in touch with Mr. Lynn by Friday. Thank you to all that have purchased already. A picture of all the items is attached below. Jr Civitan Jr. Civitan will meet Tuesday, November 8th in Mrs. Ball's room in the elementary after school. We will be having our Fall Campus Clean Up that day, and we should be done by 4:00. In case of rain, we will still meet and have a regular meeting. Parents We will also be making treat bags for the kids for Halloween. The treats must be store bought and individually wrapped. If you can, please donate a bag or two of candy or a monetary donation (and I will purchase the candy). Donations need to be dropped off to Mrs. Landis by Oct.27th before 7:55 or you can make arrangements with me (812-798-5169). We will be putting together the treats bags in the MS Media center on Thursday 7:00pm Thank You Amy Templeton 6th Grade Boys Basketball 1st practice is November 1st 4:30-6:00pm in the Elementary Gym, you must have a physical to practice. If you have any questions contact Coach Riddell (812-798-9294) OR Coach Dieball (812-798-8754) PARENTS MEETING WILL BE IN THE ELEMENTARY GYM ON NOVEMBER 3rd AT 4:30PM BEFORE PRACTICE AT 5:00PM. PARENTS MUST ATTEND THIS MEETING ANY QUESTIONS CONTACT ZACHARY RIDDELL (812-798-9294) 7th Grade Boys Basketball (Coach Franklin) Early Schedule Thursday October 27 Practice 5:00-6:30 Friday October 28 Practice 3:30-4:45 Tuesday November 1 Practice 3:30-5:00 Thursday November 3 Practice 3:30-5:00 Friday November 4 Practice 3:304:45** Saturday November 5 Practice 10:30-12:00 Attention FFA Members-The FFA meeting after school this Wednesday will be rescheduled to next Wednesday, November 2nd. Winter Dance The Winter Dance is December 3rd, Saturday, from 7:00 pm -10:00 pm is school appropriate formal dress. Dress Code: * No bare back or low cut tops *Must have a 3 inch strap for shoulders *Length must be no more than three inches above the knee *If the dress has less than three inch straps, bare, back, and or low cut top, a wrap of some sort must be worn over the dress. This will be worn all night. *NO JEANS *Dress shirts or Sweaters for the boys Chaperones are needed and all parents are invited. To help the parents Club, all students are asked to bring one 2-liter bottle of pop to Mrs. Harrisons room prior to the dance. This will be used for both the Winter Dance and the Spring Dance. *The office will not accept anything after 7:55am. So please do not bring drinks or snacks to the office. Middle School Miner Kadets Middle School Miner Kadets Workshop will be held on Saturday, October 29, 2015 from 8:00-12:00. You will learn two exciting, fun routines taught by members of the Varsity Miner Kadet Dance team. These routines will be performed at Middle School basketball games and at Junior varsity high school half time! This is for any girl in 6th, 7th, or 8th grade A completed registration form, along with $25 for your t-shirt MUST be turned in to Room 106 in the high school NO LATER THAN Friday, October 28th. Practices will be held on Saturday mornings in the Middle School School Gym. Get your registration form in the Middle School office starting Wednesday Parking/Signing Students Out The parking lots are completed. This is a reminder to parents/guardians please drop your Middle School student off behind the school by the Middle School Entrance. If you need to sign your Middle School student out please park in the visitor parking area on the far end of the loop. You will no longer need to go to the High School office to pick up or drop your student off. (You can drop your students off in the mornings in the front of the high school, the loop for the middle school or the loop for the elementary) please do not drop them off at any other place than those that are listed. Yearbooks If you would like to purchase a 2015-2016 Yearbook for $22, we have some extra, please contact Mrs. Mathis FREE THANKSGIVING MEAL Where: Linton First Christian Church When: Thanksgiving Day 11:00am-2:00pm What: Turkey/Ham/All the fixings Who: EVERYONE WELCOMED NO RESERVATIONS NECESSARY Questions: Call (812) 847-9535 Call for delivery and transportation info beginning November 1 Educational Talent Search ETS is a program that is funded by the U.S. Department of Education serving eligible young people in grades six through twelve. ETS identifies students who demonstrate an interest or desire to attend college and provides them with the motivation and support to enroll in a program of postsecondary education (college, university, technical or vocational school) after high school graduation. In order to be eligible for selection as ETS participants must meet the following criterion: *Be a U.S. Citizen or permanent resident alien; *Be at least 11 years of age and in grades 6-12; *Commit to remain in the ETS Program until high school graduation; *Demonstrate an interest or desire to attend college. In order for your son or daughter to participate in this program, parents/guardians must complete a Transcript Release form and return it in the self-addressed, stamped envelope. By signing this form, you will be giving ETS permission to communicate with you and your child via U.S. Mail, telephone, computer generated correspondence, written correspondence in regards to ETS activities and services. *If you have any questions, you may contact us at the Vincennes Office: 1019 N 4th Street, Rm 108, Vincennes, IN 47591, (812) 888-4298 *Find us on Facebook: Vincennes University Educational Talent Search * CELL PHONE POLICY /ELECTRONIC DEVICES Students are not allowed to have cell phones in their possession during school hours (7:55 AM 3:05 PM) If a student brings a cell phone to school it must be kept in their locker, turned off. (See HANDBOOK for Displine) Superintendent Mr. Nick Karazsia is on Twitter and you can receive information about our school corporation including school closures and delays, follow him on Twitter @SOLSSC1 Student Pickup Due to the construction going on with the parking areas, the Middle School will have a temporary procedure for signing students out. You must go to the High School office and let Mrs. Hayden know the student you are needing to sign out. You will then wait on your student in the high school office. The Middle School office will send that student to you, so please be patient. You will need to fill the sign out sheet. You must be a parent/guardian or person approved by them in order to sign them out of school. If the student is returning you need not to return back in the building, we are asking that you drop them off at the high school entrance and they must return to the middle school office. Students that are coming in late must report to the office to Mrs. Landis to get admit slip. This means any student after 7:55 am. Deliveries *Parents/Guardians please note that we do not accept flowers, candy, or balloon deliveries for students at the school. *Parents/Guardians please also note that we no longer accept snacks/lunches/take-out food items at any time during the day after 7:55 AM due to students safety and health. If your child forgot their lunch, they will be able to have a lunch tray from the cafeteria. Thank you for your cooperation. If you have any questions please contact Jessica Taylor 812-847-6024 or email Please Remember there is absolutely no way for us to identify who might have called you if you have caller id and/or automatic callback! We have over 50 phones in this building and no way of telling where the call might have come from or who placed it. In case of an emergency we will keep trying until we reach someone or we will leave a message. ATTENDANCE LINE: The Middle School has an attendance line for you to call your student in absent. The number is 812-512-9053, just follow the prompt, you can also call 847-6022 but this line is used for all other calls. Please remember you need to call your student in for illnesses or appointments before 9 a.m. Homework is listed on the schools website daily, and students can make up all work the next day they return. Please remember to send Doctor Excuse slips within 48 hours of absence, they can also be faxed at 812-847-6032 Making Arrangements with your student: The Middle School Office would greatly appreciate your efforts in making school arrangements before your student arrives at school. Please tell your student in the mornings how they will be going home after school or other information that they need to know. The hectic nature of the office at the end of the day makes it difficult to deliver messages to students in class. Emergency calls are always accepted and delivered when possible. Please help us out and encourage your student to make their plans with you before arriving at school. *Parent/Guardian you need not to contact the school to sign your student(s) out for appointment(s) unless someone other than the Parent/Guardian is signing them out. We need your permission to allow this. Note from the Nurse: LICE To control and eliminate head lice infestation, while ensuring that parents/guardians have an adequate amount of time to clean the childs head and the house without accumulating unexcused absences. Parents are responsible for checking their own childs head for lice periodically. The school nurse or designated staff will check students referred by staff members including siblings and friends, as appropriate. Children identified with head lice will be sent home. Students must be checked by the nurse or designee and found to be free of live lice, before they are permitted to return to school or ride on the school bus. Parents are responsible for transporting their child to school to have their head checked. Students are not permitted to ride the bus until they have been checked and approved to return. Immediately upon discovery of head lice, the parent/guardian will be contacted to take the child home to begin the process of cleaning the childs head and the house. It is the parents responsibility to transport the child home promptly when notified. The day the child is sent home due to head lice will be excused #1. 1. The student will need to return to school, the next scheduled school day, prior to the tardy bell, to be checked by the nurse or designee. If the parent/guardian calls the student in absent for this, it will be counted as an excused absence up to two (2) days only. If the child is found to be clear of all head lice, the child will then return to class. If the child remains infested with head lice, the parent/guardian will take the child back home to continue the process of eliminating head lice. This day will be counted as an excused absence as long as the student returned on the next scheduled school day, prior to the tardy bell-excused #2. 2. The student will need to follow the same process for the next consecutive school day. If the child is found clear of all head lice, the child will then return to class. If the child remains infested with head lice, the parent/guardian will take the child back home to continue the process of eliminating head lice. This day will also be counted as an excused absence, as long as the student returned on the next scheduled school day, prior to the tardy bell-excused #3. 3. The student will then need to return on the third consecutive school day, prior to the tardy bell, to be checked by the nurse or designee. If the child is found clear of all head lice, the child will then return to class. If the child remains infested with head lice, the parent/guardian will take the child back home to continue the process of eliminating head lice. This day and all days to follow will be unexcused absences. Please note that this process may be used no more than once per semester. All other occurrences per semester will be unexcused days. * Written notes will be required from parents/guardians for absences beyond the excused days, but will be counted as unexcused. Students who have a temperature 100.0 or above will be sent home from school. Students should be kept at home until they are fever free for 24 hours without the use of medication.