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Proud To Be an American

On September 11, 2001, the world as we know it was changed forever. As part of our current events studies, you are about to embark on a project to learn more about how our world was changed on that day and how it has changed since then. You may choose your topic for the project from the following list:

The Economy of the United States Political Concerns of the United States World Alliances
Operation Enduring Freedom Uniting America Show Your True Colors (Patriotism)
My World and How It Has Changed Since September 11, 2001

Your project will include:

A SHORT ESSAY on the topic that you have chosen. You must have at least two resources. You will get those resources from newspapers or magazines. You will be graded on facts, grammar, following directions (5 paragraphs, introduction, conclusion, at least five sentences in each paragraph, etc.), and setup on the computer. This section is worth 200 points. You will have two days to type in class. You may type at home, but there will be no excuses for late work. Due on November 2, 2001. You will type October 29-November 1, 2001.

A NOTEBOOK. You will collect at least 20 newspaper articles relating to your topic and 10 pictures. You will place these in a notebook with a short caption for each. You will decorate the notebook cover and will be creative. Your notebook will follow the same theme as your essay. You will get three points for each article and sentence explaining it, two points for each picture and caption that you create, and twenty points for neatness and creativity. This section is worth 100 points. You may work on this in class on the days that you do not get to type. Due on October 10, 2001.

You will also create a POSTER OR DISPLAY of some sort. This will be entitled "I'm Proud To Be and American, How the World Changed on September 11, 2001." You may make a collage, or other type of poster, a diorama, a book with some sort of story, a video (maximum of 10 minutes) or other displays as are cleared with Mrs. Kirkman. This section will be worth 100 points. You will be graded on creativity, colorfulness, correctness, following directions, and neatness. You will also be graded on how well you answer the topic. The poster or display will be due on November 2, 2001.

We do not have much homework in this class. This is your homework. There may be a few other short assignments, but I expect you to spend some time on this each week.

Look at this exercise as an adventure. The world is changing, and you need to know how. BE PROUD TO BE AN AMERICAN!!!!!!!!!

Thanks for your cooperation.

Mrs. Kirkman