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Asian Public Holidays--contains holidays found in most Asian countries

Atlapedia Online--contains full color physical and political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.

The CIA World Factbook--facts and maps for countries throughout the world about countries all over the world

Deskref--links to maps and facts about countries. Also has a search feature, Atlas, Encyclopedia

Library of Congress Country Studies--profiles of countries across the world about world countries

Maps--Quick .gif maps of most countries

National Geographic--maps, charts, and virtual tours

Southeast Asian Studies WWW Virtual Library, hosted by Leiden University, the Netherlands--many links to countries and general information about Southeast Asia.

TravelDocs--Travel requirements specific to Asian countries

World Wide Recipes--find recipes for foods from your country

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Biomes of the World
Biome Types
Biome Research Page

Biomes of the World and maps showing the location of the biome.
Blue Planet Biomes
The Taiga Biome
Major Biomes of the World
Major Biomes of the World II
Great Site for World Biomes
The World's Biomes
World Biomes
Student Project from Thurston High School in Oregon--Contains all the biomes
Enchanted Learning Biomes-Habitats Page

University of Texas Biomes Site

Deciduous Forest
        The Deciduous Forest Biome

Coniferous Forest

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