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Sugar plums are dancing in our heads as we look forward to the December holidays. Santa and his special Elves have an adventure planned just for you.

To aid you in your adventure, the Elves have left some special tools for you to use:

Internet Links
Books  (Resource Room)
Cookbooks (Resource Room)
Encyclopedias (Resource Room)            
Word Pad
Microsoft Publisher  

The Elves would like you to discover interesting and little-known facts about various cultures and their holidays. Although Christmas is the main December holiday, some countries have other special holidays such as Hanukah or Kwanzaa.

As you glide and slide through this assignment on your sleigh, you will be able to choose a country and research many facts and ideas related to it and its December holiday.

Remember to take accurate notes as it's cold up here at the North Pole and a glacier could easily sink your information just like the Titanic and starting over is always hard to do. Besides that, you will be angry at the computer, and Santa only comes to visit good girls and boys.

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