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Six Flags Over Mid-America had decided to open a theme park to be located in Indianapolis.  It is an exciting time for Indianapolis and the residents are anxiously anticipating the grand opening.  Six flags Over Mid-America has promised to premiere the newest, fastest, and most exciting roller coaster ever built.  Your team has been hired to design a roller coaster for this theme park.


Your team is responsible for naming and designing the roller coaster.  It is important to remember this roller coaster is to be the fastest and most exciting roller coaster ever built.  Each member will need to choose one of the following jobs:

HISTORIAN:  Will research the history of roller coasters and compile pictures and information describing three of the most popular roller coasters ever built.  The historian will also find who, when, where, and how the first roller coaster was built and where, when, how, and who built the first American roller coaster.

SAFETY COORDINATOR:  Will research the safety issues involved in the building of roller coasters.  List and describe all safety devices on the team’s coaster.  Describe what is done during the off-season to maintain the roller coaster and what is done daily to maintain the coaster.  How does one tell if the rider is unsafe?   Why is this job important to the insurance of the coaster?

ENGINEER:   Will compile the mathematical formulas and terminology to be used in the designing of the roller coaster.(hint: Find Emotion(Kinetic energy), Eposition(Potential Energy) and Etotmotion(Total energy)).  The engineer will make sure the design including the height and measurements of the components will work with the team’s coaster.  The engineer will work closely with all team members and make sure each team member chooses a component for the team’s coaster.  Engineer will research on the internet the formulas for energy and how a coaster works.


Your team will consist of four/five members.  Fourteen class periods will be allotted for you and your team to complete this project.

Day One/ Day Two

  1. Decisions on team name, roller coaster name, jobs.
  2. Research of jobs to be started.
  3. Each person will write a brief summary of information gathered for your job description and write in your math notes.
  4. Each day each person will write a journal entry in his/her math notes with date and what he/she did in math class that day.  What contributions were made, progress of the coaster, difficulties of working on the coaster, how is team working together?

Day Three:

  1. Research using particular sites that you can manipulate.  Note what is done on the coaster and what works and what doesn’t.




  1. Begin to make a list of items needed to make roller coaster.

Day Four/Day Five:

  1. Team will design a roller coaster.  Use your research information to help with the design of the roller coaster from the historian, designer, engineer, and safety coordinator.
  2.  Be sure to determine the heights of the hills, how many hills, number loops, turns, and etc.  Once the roller coaster has been designed, draw to scale using graph  paper.  

Day Six/Day Fourteen:

Finish models.