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These are links to several sites that feature inventors and inventions. You will find lots of information about the history of invention, the people who have become famous for their inventions, and how you might become an inventor yourself.

You will find many links to topics from these pages and you may also want to search the internet for "inventions" or "inventors."

US Patent Office for Kids Page  --Information from the United States Patent Office

Ron Riley's Kid Inventor Homepage  Great Web site for Young Inventors and Teachers  Award-winning site providing Internet users with clear, straightforward information on how stuff works.  For the student--historical and current information on famous inventors and inventions and history timelines--who invented what and when.   The National Inventors Hall of Fame   The Inventors Museum. Inventions by tpe. Inventors' IQ test ("How much do you know?")   Inventing and patenting help, inventors showcase, learn about patents    Inventors' Digest Magazine's site. Inventor's clubhouse. Help for inventors. Designed for anyone how has ever said, "I've got an idea..."    Novice inventors' first steps. Ask the experts. Q & A archives.    Lemelson Center list of invention-related links from the Smithsonian Institution    The Inventors Network    Forgotten Inventors, The American Experience from PBS