Mr. Johnson's class was excited to sign their bully free pledge. It's going to be a great year!
4 months ago, Kent Brewer
Mr. Johnson 's class
Students in Mrs. Landis’s class are showing off their wallets and ready to start earning Decision Dollars!
4 months ago, Kent Brewer
Mrs. Landis Second Grade Class
The LInton-Stockton School Corporation opens the 2022-2023 school year tomorrow. We are excited for the new year and look forward to having our students return to our halls and welcome new families to our school community. Help us have a safe year by being mindful of our bus stops, buses, and student drivers as they return to the road in the morning.
4 months ago, Kathryn Goad
Bus Stop
Questions? You may call the following people or the Elementary Office at 812-847-6039 to help answer your questions.
4 months ago, Kent Brewer
Arrival and Dismissal Times
4 months ago, Kent Brewer
Things to know
LS Staff had a great orientation today and we are ready to host our open house this evening from 5:30 - 7:00. We are excited to welcome everyone back!
4 months ago, Kent Brewer
Dr. Goad will be hosting Open Office Hours on Monday, August 8th from 4:30pm-6:30pm in the Connection Center located in the high school. Patrons my stop in without an appointment to visit with Dr. Goad.
4 months ago, Kathryn Goad
Open Office Hours
Daily Served Meals MEALS FOR KIDS Age 18 and Under ONLY Linton Beginning Tuesday, May 31-Aug 2 Daily served Meals East Shelter House Monday-Friday Noon-1:00 pm
6 months ago, Linton-Stockton School Corporation
Daily Served Meals  MEALS FOR KIDS  Age 18 and Under ONLY Linton  Beginning Tuesday, May 31-Aug 2  Daily served Meals East Shelter House Monday-Friday Noon-1:00 pm
Due to current road conditions and the unpredictability of the forecast at dismissal time all Linton-Stockton Schools will be closed for eLearning today, Thursday, February 24th. Assignments will be posted no later than 9:00am this morning.
9 months ago, Kathryn Goad
All LInton Stockton Schools including grades Pre K-12 will begin on a one (1) hour delay tomorrow Tuesday, February 8th.
10 months ago, Kathryn Goad
All Linton Stockton Schools will be on a two hour day tomorrow January 7th. Because it is a Friday we will still have early release.
11 months ago, Kathryn Goad
Dr. Goad will be offering monthly Open Office Hours for parents, students, patrons, or staff to stop in for a conversation. The December Open Office Hours are scheduled for Monday, December 6th in the LSSC Corp Office from 5:00pm-7:00pm. No appointment is need.
about 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
Open Office Hours
The LSSC staff enjoyed a friendly competition in the form of a TEAM WARS Food Drive. Teams had two chances to win with the first being the number of items collected. The second was making a design out of the donated items. All totaled, the staff collected 2,535 items of food for our local community.
about 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
The Foundation Team
Mixed Up Miners Team
STEAM 7 Team
Miners Clean and Safe Team
Linton-Stockton Schools has an opening for the Director of Food Service. Apply online at or contact Dr. Kathy Goad at for details.
about 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
Apply Today
As our school team evaluated our current mask requirement, we reviewed school and local data. Over the past month Greene County has experience a slight decrease in the number of cases of COVID, however, the pandemic is still very much affecting the lives of our area residents. When we analyzed school data, we were pleased with the improvements made on our quarantine and positive case numbers in the past two weeks. ELEMENTARY Total student/staff Isolations or Quarantines since September 14th = 45 Current isolated or quarantined students/staff = 18 Positive student/staff cases since September 14th = 4 MS/HS Total student/staff Isolations or Quarantines since September 14th = 25 Current isolated or quarantined students/staff = 13 Positive Student/Staff cases since September 14th = 4 Begin fully masked has made a difference. Our students have been compliant, and like all of us, not wanting to wear masks but willing. In many of our classrooms, students have been able to remove their masks because our teachers have made it possible for social distancing. Our goal continues to be to keep our students/staff healthy and in school. Considering this, along with our data, the following decision has been made moving forward: • We will continue to require masks on buses and indoors through Friday, October 8th. On Monday, October 12th and Tuesday October 13th we are scheduled for eLearning Days for the purpose of Student Led Parent/Teacher conferences and the remainder of that week is Fall Break. • On Monday, October 19th we will return to school with masks being optional, based on the following: o We will revert to a mask requirement if at any one time the number of students quarantined exceeds:  100 in the elementary, and/or  75 in the middle/senior high school o Masks will still be required on buses due to the federal mandate on public transportation o Classrooms where students choose not to wear masks will be subject to quarantine  Quarantined students are expected to login to the classes in real time in order to keep up with their school work and be counted present o We will open up the 8-day return option IF students test negative, do not experience any symptoms, and wear a mask while in school through day 14 of their exposure. We will continue to monitor and evaluate our cases, isolations, and quarantines. At any time a change is warranted in our procedures, the change will be communicated with you.
about 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
The LSSC Afterschool Program has been a wonderful addition to the programming we offer students. On any given evening there are currently more than 125 students on campus after school hours for this new initiative. The program includes a snack, homework help/tutoring, fitness, Choice Experiences and SEL Moments. Taking a program conceived on paper to live implementation takes some time for adjustment as well as time for procedures and processes to be refined. We have learned that the student participants are ready for the snack and appreciate the opportunity to get their homework started and many times completed before they get home for the evening. The students enjoy the fitness time and getting to take a physical break from activities. The most popular activities have been during Choice Experiences. We are fortunate that our community has embraced the afterschool program and provide some wonderful activities for our students to take part in. The elementary schedule below shows the times for these activities. The middle/senior high schedule is similar with school dismissal starting at 3:10pm M-Th and 2:10 F. The Monday through Thursday elementary schedule is below. School Dismissal 2:55pm Attendance/Snack 3:00-3:15 Homework/Tutoring 3:15-4:15 Fitness Break 4:14-4:30 SEL Moments (M/W) 4:30-5:30 Choice Experience (T/TH) 4:30-5:30 Friday Schedule School Dismissal 1:55 Attendance/Snack 2:00-2:20 Free Time/Fitness 2:20-3:15 Homework/Tutoring 3:15-4:15 SEL Moment 4:15-5:00 In a recent evaluation meeting, it was determined that pick-up scattered at any time throughout the program day was cumbersome, disruptive, and difficult to manage. For this purpose, we have defined pick-up times to be between 4:15pm after homework/tutoring is complete and the end of the program day. This new pick-up schedule will begin after Fall Break on Monday, October 18th. We will continue to evaluate the afterschool program and will be looking for parent feedback in a survey at the end of the semester. New student participants are always welcome! To get signed-up, just contact Program Director, Jared Sanders, at 812 -847-6039.
about 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
Afterschool Program
LSSC is in the need for Substitute Teachers in all grade levels. We recently increased the compensation as follows with the hope of increasing our candidate pool. Indiana Substitute Teacher License $75 per Day Indiana Teacher License $85 per Day Retired Linton Teacher $100 per Day If you are interested in becoming a substitute teacher, please apply online at or contact Lisa Andis at 812-847-6020.
about 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
Substitute Teachers Needed
LSSC is applying for a connectivity grant which, if awarded, will offset the cost of purchasing new Chromebooks for our students. A part of the grant application is a short parent survey. Please consider answering this two question survey to help us be successful in this grant progress. The grant can be found at this link.
over 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
Upgrade of Chromebooks
The USDA has announced that as an outreach due to COVID, free school lunches will be available to all students through the 2021-2022 school year. We are pleased to be able to pass this along to our families. The free lunches will include a tray meal. Additional items will still be available for purchase.
over 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
Today is a very special day. Not only is the sun shining bright, also today is our annual Community Appreciation Day! The purpose of this annual day, established by the Linton-Stockton School Board, is two-fold. First, we want to show our gratitude and appreciation to the entire Linton area community for the support shown to our schools, students, and staff throughout the 2020-2021 school year. You have supported us with you time, talents, prayers, presence, and donations. The community is always there when our many athletic teams, clubs and organizations ask for help. The community always answers the call when volunteers are needed. The community, in normal times, comes out to our over 340 events through a given year. The community supports fundraisers and gives generously. We appreciate you! Our second purpose of the Community Appreciation Day provides an opportunity to share with our students the importance of giving back. All students, K-12 will be participating in some fashion today. While they will be out of the classroom for a portion of the day, the lessons they learn will be invaluable. Our students will be making thank you cards, delivering baked goods, drawing inspirational messages for Glenburn residents to see, sprucing up the city park and planting flowers, hosting a car wash for city workers, washing police and fire trucks, preparing meals for community employees, volunteering at the clothing barn at LFCC, walking through the streets of Linton picking up litter, cleaning out the city flower beds, cleaning up the fairgrounds, helping out the humane shelter and Saran Church and participating in the spring clean up of Goosepond. Follow the action on Facebook as we will be taking snapshots of our students in action and posting all day. Linton-Stockton Schools loves the Linton area community!!!!
over 1 year ago, Kathryn Goad
LSSC Community Appreciation Day